Pictures from the train: Lake Konstanz

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Strange houses and a dear deer in Bavaria

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German business

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Dear readers,

“Get that sucker down, with God´s help” is being translated into German: “We hope, we can manage to shut the oil well with God´s help,” as Joe Biden never said. By this you´re not only losing the meaning, but the connection to what is really meant to be said, while a hurricane is approaching.

We permanently get sophisticating translations of those, who hope to educate us towards the meaning, they like to reflect.  It does not matter, whether the subject is movie, interview or literature of any kind: manipulators of great  and uncontrolled  gormlessness  change any meaning not into anything, but, beleave it or not: into it´s very opposite. From Marley`s liberating message to the world´s womanhood: “No woman, no cry” – them sizzle the meaning into the germanized basic understanding word to word “transfiguration”  – more than “translation”: “In case, you might be without woman in time, at least, you’re out of tear provoking trouble as well.” Those, who wrong-understand this song are often innocently convinced, to have an extra entrance into the very philosophy behind it.

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Nevertheless,  the German business affairs are booming obviously (as being predicted within my German Blog) with Jupiter-Uranus right inside the important Mid-heaven-field, although Saturn entered the sign of Libra and is even approaching the sun, I am really anxious to see, what this will mean for both, material wealth of Germany and the government on the other side, shown by the sun in Libra of the Nation-Chart, whilst Jupiter wants full power in house 10 :

20-Jahres-Rekord bei Geschäftsklima: Deutsche Wirtschaft feiert rasanten Aufschwung – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Nachrichten – Wirtschaft

Yours sincerely!


Inner circle: Germany, 03.10.1990 00:00, outer circle transiting plantes July 23rd. 2010

Gates about Circumcision

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Dear readers!

the reason, why I put the chart of Mr. Gates in this Blog-post today is to point out two things. As we can see, we have the message of Lilith, Chiron and Neptune right in opposite of the Jupiter-Pluto combination of Gate´s birth chart, that is – to repeat myself – often to be seen with those very rich people.

When we take the second chart below Gate´s bith-chart, we find Libra rising – which is myself for asking a question, and Gates himself, being Mars getting pretty close to Saturn, that is a combination, both, western and jyotisch Astrologers mark as kind of difficult usually. That lies in the habit of both, to watch planet`s conjunctions, as here we have Mars and Saturn. And the other big conjunction of course is Jupiter/Uranus, squaring Pluto!

As you can see in Bill Gates chart, this is getting part of his grounding and his profession, that is deeply questioned by mighty changers Jupiter/Uranus and Mars/Saturn, just approaching the centre of the chart, that answers the question: “Where do I come from, who do I walk?”

Bill Gates strongly connects to eclipses of Moon and Sun, as you can find for the time of the foundation of the Microsoft company herself. Find the breathtaking documentation in Claudia von Schierstedt´s book: “Finsternisse”. Especially the total eclipse of the sun from Feb. 16th. 1980 at 27º Aquarius, right at Gate´s point of luck.

Read below to continue …

Bill Gates, Oct. 28th Okt.1955 10:00 PM, Seattle, Washington State, USA

Gates, horary chart: July 2oth. 2010 01:11 PM, Nürnberg

The outer circle shows the second picture: the Planets in present,

the inner circle is Gates´ bith chart again

Of course, I ask myself, how and why Gates confronted the UN on Monday with the Idea of male circumcision as a way to prevent Aids? First of all most male Africans have it anyway, just like the Americans.

Now the total Eclipse we had the other sunday was in 19º something Cancer, close enough to influence Gates´Ascendent (time of birth is not proper anyway …), so he will have to change again, deliberate himself with Uranus in house 10,  Jupiter leading.

But: just to mention the field of circumcision is part of his own Chiron-problem, shown as Chiron in his contact-house 7, getting an aspect of clear 120º by Saturn running and being pushed by Mars. This is the second thing, I hope to give you and may be Mr. Gates himself an idea of.

To follow the  idea of male circumcision is always a sign of mental confusion, astrologically being arranged by Chiron and Lilith and Neptune running right within Gates` own house of sexuality, house 8.

Psychology uses the term of “Übertragung”, meaning the transfer of an inner conflict to an outer scheme, not realizing the missing objectivity.

Yours sincerely!


I got a letter from Maria

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Dear readers,

sometimes it´s interesting, what objects we might find at a certain point of time, especially, when the piece of jewelry we found is obviously woven in a genetic field of meaning around the catholic church, the dear beloved is just talking about: “thus we find … : magic involved!”, … we all know that feeling. And then we reflect through the chart at home a few hours later this one exact aspect of Moon and Neptune, of which we know, that a whole book opens the view on this one aspect in between Moon and Neptune.

Imagine now, how sorry I am, not to have bought this very book, when it was still available, …  can´t change that right now, … but clearly I remember the central fact of argument of this publication: the Moon-Neptune connections to the viewing of certain Maria-phenomena. And by this, you find me surprised to the message in this little bottle of time …? “What might be the meaning of this?”

First of all, I would be happy, to give the little probably Gold-covered medallion-jewlery back to her owner!

Please call, to get it back! It was found in Wöhrd, Nuremberg

Astrologically it shows Scorpio rising.

Find the chart here in my German Blog:

Maria-Medallion in Wöhrd gefunden « Markus Termin – Astrologisches Stundenbuch

medallion found: 18.07.2010 16:44, Nuremberg

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Second, it might be a sign on my seminars at Lake Garda next spring, as Maria is in charge of running the business and on the way to the seminar-hotel we have a sculpture, that really fits to the first logical connection in my mind:

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Yours sincerely!


Obama`s Potuguese water-dog

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Dear readers,

four years from now, you`ll be surprised, how much this man, Obama, changed the world. Throughout the news these day´s, one of the most important was, to have Bush senior being trapped with an average of his sailing vessel these days. You remember the Bush-family being deeply involved in skull&bones? Saturn, house 2 in transit, gives Mercury in the native chart house 9  respect.

Imagine,  we get a sign here: being grounded: may be from this string of time on we do have a turning-point. How does Obama lead? Who is his opponent? Chancellor Merkel herself. Find Saturn in trine with Mercury for the lucky rescue. See the chain of meaning: water-dog, oil well, ship average, and Aquarius rising with Obama. For you must know: on march 20th, when Deepwater Horizon blew up, we have the healing injurer or injuring healer, Chiron his name, was found in 1977, wandering into the sign of Pieces. And now, as we face the first result in completely stopping the oil-well, you have this little sign of healing and injury of mankind changing back into Aquarius again.

Yours sincerely!


Bush sr. June 12th. 1924 11:45 AM  Milton Hill

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Polanski free

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Dear readers,

in the inner circle you can see Roman Polanski´s chart, he was born August 18th. 1933 10:30 AM in Paris. In the middle circle we have the transit planets for the date, when he was arrested in Switzerland, September 27th. 2009. And the outer circle finally shows his liberation on monday, July 12th. 2010.

I do not hold a certain sympathy for this man. But it´s an interesting case astrologically: what he has done is back a full walk of Saturn through the zodiac, being captured made the same with Venus – both in Virgo! – to the time when he was let off again: from Virgo to Virgo. Mercury hits his native Mercury the very day of his liberation. And it needed the solar-eclipse over his Cancer-moon to make it happen.

So it was Saturn in Virgo, that gave this publicly silken man a hard time this time …



Theodor Roosevelt´s dream

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Rooseveld´s Neptune

Dear readers,

now above you see an interesting coloured picture. It shows three birth charts upon each other. The sence of it is to compare the movement of transit-planets in our two-dimension circle diagram called horoscope or birth chart.

In the inner circle you´ll find Theodor Roosevelt’s chart. He was born in New York on Oct. 27th in 1858.

The next circle shows the planets running in 1912, the year Roosevelt first spoke about adopting the “German” system of social Security. At that time, as we can see in the middle part of the three circles above, we had Chiron transiting the north luna node Rahu of Theodor Roosevelt’s chart; it does so in house 10, which is about all the aims in life.

Uranus running since then one full circle and a little more, to hit Roosevelt’s Neptune in pieces also in house 10 nowadays. Where else. A dream come through. As now we have the breakthrough of his original idea. And, of course, look at Pluto just giving himself half a circle?! click here for information:

A History of Health Care Reform – Interactive Feature –

By Steve Judd with permission

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‘Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu

When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.

I walked around the corner, and someone saw me grin,

When he smiled I realised I had passed it on to him.

I thought about the smile and then realised its worth,

A single smile like mine could travel round the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin don’t leave it undetected,

Start an epidemic quick and get the world infected’.

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Obama school speech

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Obama School Speech: Every Student Has Something To Offer

Please click on the link above, to listen to the whole speech. For the first time I had the chance, to read the speech, before I listened to it. This man is genius. How is he able to memorize those speeches? From Europe, I must tell you, we do not have charismatic personalities, ready to encourage our scholars. I am deeply impressed. “What problems are you going to solve?”, may be, us Germans should ask this question today.